Programs Offered

Mental Health Evaluation


Comprehensive evaluation that reviews an individual's life history in determining counseling needs.

Anger Management and Stress Management Counseling


This program is offered in both weekend intensive or long-term course formats. These are formats available for personal needs appropriate to the severity of the circumstance. Both group and individual counseling is available for participants to have the opportunity to learn, practice and develop non-violent communication which targets impulse control as well as positive strategies to solve problems.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling


This program offers short and long term group as well and individual therapeutic directives to address problematic alcohol and other drug issues. Individualized treatment plans address primary support, social environment, educational and occupational, as well as legal problems occurring within the participant's life. The counseling also address relapse prevention and recovery. Both weekend- intensive and long-term course formats available for personal needs appropriate to severity of circumstance.

Life Skills Counseling


This program is designed to help adults meet the challenges of behavior change by adapting to their environment and surroundings. The Life Skills Training Program occurs in both intensive and long-term course formats appropriate to severity of circumstance.

Domestic Violence Counseling


This program is certified by the Florida Department of Children and Families. Our 24 week program utilizes the structure prescribed by the Deluth Model. This curriculum address behaviors of power and control over intimate partners.

Quality of Life Counseling


A 28 Week Program that address these areas of life:
Life Skills, Anger and Stress Management, Budget and Finance Management, Substance Abuse/Dependence, Therapy, Relapse Prevention and Recovery

Anti-Theft Counseling


Clients learn to develop pro-social behaviors through reality therapy. Hope Counseling provides therapy that address criminal intentions and offensives. This therapy includes issues of Fraud, Worthless Check Writing and Shoplifting. The program includes interventions necessary for effective behavior redirection and prevention of future criminal infractions. This program offers a weekend intensive course format that addresses personal needs.

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General Evaluations
Out of State DUI
Life Coach
Family and Relationship
Anxiety Counseling
Parenting Counseling
Couples Counseling
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Counseling
Group Counseling
Individual Counseling